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Native Windows Applications are still an essential part of any enterprise organization, even with many CRM and ERP applications moving to SaaS (Software as a Service), I.T. departments must still deal with the wide breadth of native applications. Finance, engineering, digital content creation and specialized industry specific applications still require lots of support from I.T. departments to ensure functional and streamlined application delivery to end users. Supporting these applications can involve complex processes to bundle applications with desktop images or use application packaging solutions like App-V or ThinApp that fail at many applications.

VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) has been used by many to address this complexity, but into a multi year deployment the complexity returns for most organizations by the 2nd or 3rd year. VDI can be essential to those looking for highly secure desktops or remote delivery of secure application to distant WAN users, however for the wider segment of standard enterprise end users, VDI adds great complexity, higher per user desktop costs and still doesn’t address reining in desktop image bloat and the requirement to constantly chase application updates with VDI processes.

Cloudpaging greatly simplifies how end users get applications while still leaving all control with I.T. Cloudpaging delivers to end users a compartmentalized version of an application that can be delivered to any form factor: Physical users on desktops and notebooks, VDI users, BYOD users and users relying on application pixel remoting solutions. No changes are required to the application and 3 simple steps needed: 1) Compartmentalize (Cloudify) the application with Cloudpaging Studio, 2) Deliver the application to the end user via Cloudpaging Server and the Cloudpaging Enterprise Portal providing both I.T. initiated delivery and end user self service install capabilities and 3) Let the end user run the application right away without waiting on any installation process or time consuming login scripts with Cloudpaging Player.

Cloudpaging requires only portions of the compartmentalized application, 10-30% of the application footprint to run right away. As the application continues to run additional portions of the application are delivered to the end user, allowing not just LAN users with high performance connectivity to the data center to function but also ensuring campus, WAN and branch office users get instant access to applications.

Cloudpaging can work with persistent VDI or physical Windows OS devices, running applications natively with full access to all processing like GPU’s or Virtualized GPU’s. Complex applications that depend on drivers or OS features can be delivered via Cloudpaging – without the limitations of traditional application virtualization technologies.

Greatly reduces desktop image bloat with Cloudpaging and shortens push cycles as applications no longer need to be part of a base desktop image. OS Migrations can happen quicker without the need to repackage applications or go through complex desktop image testing. Cloudpaging also helps ensure per device and per end user costs are managed for controlled ISV applications.

The Numecent Cloudpaging for Enterprise offering (formerly called Application Jukebox) includes the Cloudpaging Studio, Cloudpaging Server and Enterprise Portal and Cloudpaging Studio. These solutions delivery a full solution to create compartmentalized applications, Deliver them to users devices or VDI sessions and execute them natively.

Numecent’s Cloudpaging solutions for enterprise are available today, try an instant demo and Contact Us to have a Numecent representative provide further information on how Cloudpaging can help your I.T. department deliver applications easier while reducing significant I.T burden.

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Cloudpaging benefits enterprise organizations in many ways:

  • Removes the pain of having to maintain multiple desktop images due to complex applications
  • Instant deployment of applications without traditional application installation
  • Lowers the IT administrative costs and time needed to deploy applications
  • Lower device configuration time leads to quicker end user productivity
  • Promotes end user self service also allowing BYOD users to be supported
  • Provides one application deployment technology for physical and persistent VDI users
  • Highly scalable delivery allowing for high number of users per Cloudpaging server
  • Cloudpaging Meta-Licensing control of applications to ensure the right users have application access while tracking real-time application usage
  • Access controlled via Active Directory groups or users, ensuring full I.T. control of applications