Try the Cloudpaging Demo

Get an instant Numecent hosted demo and see how any application can be delivered from the cloud

The Cloudpaging Demo provides a way to see how applications can be delivered to a Windows based environment without the need for installing any of the Cloudpaging Server components. The 30 day demo utilities our Cloudpaging CDN, to provide an experience similar to our on-premises Cloudpaging for Enterprise offering. With this demo you can try applications that are delivered directly to your Windows environment without installation. The Cloudpaging Player is installed when the first application is chosen to manage all applications delivered with Cloudpaging.

cloudpaging_demo_videothumb See a video of the Cloudpaging Demo
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The Cloudpaging Demo includes open source and freeware applications solely as an example of delivering applications from the cloud without installation. Cloudpaging for Enterprise supports all major commercial software applications, providing for 99.9% compatible across all applications.

Demo Requirements

  • Windows Based Platform running Windows 7 or Windows 10
  • Install Browser: IE, Chrome, Firefox or Edge
  • Local Administrator Permission
  • High Speed Internet Connectivity
    Demo is run from US and Europe based datacenters

An email is sent a few minutes after filling in this form with a unique account and information on how to connect to the demo portal.


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