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We are a pioneer and technology leader in rapid, secure and friction-free provisioning of native applications from the cloud through virtualization. Our groundbreaking and patented cloudpaging technology can deliver a native application from the cloud between 20x to 100x faster compared to a linear digital download and execute on the client platform without installation and with a much reduced IT support footprint.

Unlike expensive remoting solutions which cannot scale, cloudpaging does not push pixels from the cloud – the technology actually transmits pre-virtualized native software instructions (a page at a time and on demand) which are then executed on the user's machine in a transient manner and at full performance. As a result, cloudpaged native applications can reduce network usage by up to 95% and can become Web-scale with minimal server footprint.

The genesis of our technology is originally from a DARPA project and is protected by 13 foundational and battle-tested patents.

We were recently named a Gartner "Cool Vendor 2013" in recognition of our disruptive technology. In June 2013, we announced the completion of a new $13.6M funding round led by T-Venture – the VC arm of Deutsche Telekom.

We are a software technology company, building software intellectual property and assets, as well as providing software and professional services for Cloudpaging, Deepstream, and Application Jukebox. Our primary customers are Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), Managed Service Providers (MSPs), Telcos and Enterprises. Although we are a B2B company, we are fanatical about end-users. Our US headquarters are in Irvine (CA) with additional offices in the UK and Switzerland.

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