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engineering cloud :: delivered

Discover how one of the world’s top engineering companies saves millions annually using cloudpaging

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Read how cloudpaging elevates faculties, CIOs, and students to outstanding levels of efficiency, scale, and UX

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Our cutting-edge cloud platform will revolutionize the way you deploy and deliver your applications

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performance graphics :: delivered

use cloudpaging to deliver your most demanding CAD/CAM/DCC applications natively - without installation

numecent NaaS
  • Native as a Service
    Our white-label cloudpaging service platform on AWS is your effortless on-ramp to the cloud economy. It will revolutionize the way you monetize and deploy your native applications from the cloud - with or without subscription.
our products
  • Application Jukebox™
    Now in its 8th generation, Jukebox is our suite of software components which incorporate our cloudpaging technology. It is licensed to ISVs, MSPs, Telcos and Enterprises, who then deliver ground-breaking services to their users.
  • Bet Your Career On Us
    Business Insider: 17 Enterprise Startups To Bet Your Career On. Numecent's technology could be a game-changer in the software industry and it's led by a team that has a great track record.
  • What is Cloudpaging?
    Cloudpaging is our successor technology to application streaming and virtualization. It can deliver huge applications from the Cloud between 20x to 100x faster than downloads and execute them natively without installation.