Cloudpaging is Ready for Windows

Cloudpaging technology makes it possible to run your existing client applications in a Windows 10 operating environment without all the hassle and expense of upgrading to new versions of your existing software. Cloudpaging’s advanced automated application provisioning capabilities put it in a class above traditional application virtualization tools.  Cloudpaging’s proprietary technology is the ultimate solution for configuring legacy apps, kernel-mode apps, and service or device drivers to run flawlessly on Windows 10.  What’s more?  Cloudpaging allows independent software vendors to gain a competitive edge by provisioning their “boxed” applications using various licensing models.

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Windows 10 Operating System Application Compatibility:

  • End-User Software: Cloudpaging Player

  • IT Management and Provisioning: Cloudpaging Server and Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM)

  • Application Packaging and Configuration: Cloudpaging Studio

Cloudpaging for Windows Applications
Product Description

Cloudpaging reduces the digital delivery time of any native application by between 20x and 100x by pre-virtualizing the application allowing for an App-V (or other VM) user to get instant use of the application without needing a full install or waiting to update a master pool image to add the application. Cloudpaging delivers and provisions large applications and updates to limitless desktops and devices in variable environments from the cloud, on-premises, or hybrid configurations.