Cloudpaging is Ready for VMware®

Cloudpaging allows for applications to be delivered to VMware Horizon VDI users from a centralized app repository using Numcent Cloudpaging containers.  This eases delivering applications as users need them and greatly reduces the storage taken up in each VM for applications by using Cloudpaging technology to deliver only the app features needed by the user.

VMware® Product Compatibility:

  • Horizon View Partner Solution: Cloudpaging Player

  • ESXi Partner Solution: Cloudpaging for Windows Applications on VMware Horizon

  • Horizon Client Partner Solution: Cloudpaging for Windows Applications on VMware Horizon

Cloudpaging for Windows Applications
Product Description

Cloudpaging reduces the digital delivery time of any native application by between 20x and 100x by pre-virtualizing the application allowing for the Horizon VDI VM user to get instant use of the application without needing a full install or waiting on update master Pool image to add the application

As a Horizon VDI administrator, this lets you focus on the latest OS updates and CORE applications in your master pool images while allowing complete flexibility of the application users will need.  This allows applications to be assigned to project or business needs and not added to a master Pool template, which can complicate a user’s desktop with applications they may never use.

System Requirements