Cloudpaging is Ready for Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD)

Numecent is a Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) approved provider that significantly reduces the total operating costs of WVD by enabling rapid on-boarding and migration of complicated or incompatible Windows applications onto WVD environments, while minimizing configuration, reducing application updates, and simplifying complexity.

Solution Brief
Press Release

Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) Operating System Application Compatibility:

  • End-User Software: Cloudpaging Player

  • IT Management and Provisioning: Cloudpaging Server and Microsoft Intune, Cloupaging Server on Azure, or Numecent’s cloud offering.

  • Application Packaging and Configuration: Cloudpaging Studio

Cloudpaging for WVD Applications
Product Description

Cloudpaging simplifies image management by dynamically provisioning apps as needed in real-time to the WVD deployments. Cloudpaging helps applications run without administration or intervention through the periodic Windows 10 updates. Cloudpaging also reduces the licensing cost of expensive applications by enabling more efficient deployment and usage of these applications.