Cloudpaging is the most sophisticated application provisioning software in existence and can deliver 100% of Windows applications, whereas its most capable competitors are limited to 60% – 75% of Windows apps. We’ve worked with our Education Partner, Software2, to help Cloudpaging become an industry-standard solution for software delivery in higher education. Thanks to its flexibility and robust capacity for virtualization; Cloudpaging allows IT to virtualize even the most complex and heavyweight software apps that other solutions can’t.

Cloudpaging & Software2 & Apps Anywhere

Software2’s ultimate goal is to enable Higher Ed institutions to deliver an improved student experience using the latest technologies. Through their strong roots in education and in software delivery, Software2 have cultivated an unparalleled understanding of the industry and its goals, obstacles and solutions.

Software2’s flagship product, AppsAnywhere, is a customizable app-store which integrates with Cloudpaging and other delivery technologies to deploy all of your apps using a single launch button. AppsAnywhere also leverages Cloudpaging to deliver detailed reporting on app usage, allowing you to cut costs by exposing apps that are consistently less-used than a license may permit, and to optimise availability and experience by highlighting those which may regularly get close to reaching maximum licensing concurrency.

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Learn How Other Universities Use Cloudpaging for Higher Education

Cloudpaging technology simplifies application delivery across higher education institutions, providing a proven tool to enhance student outcomes. Explore the case studies below to learn how universities can effortlessly package and deploy thousands of applications and updates to tens of thousands of students across hundreds of devices running a variety of operating systems.


Featured Case Study:
Glasgow Caledonian University

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Full Control Over Software Licenses

Full Control Over Software Licenses

By monitoring and controlling software and license usage, administrators can ensure license compliance while still allowing access to software. Proper software monitoring reduces license over capacity and saves money.
Bring Your Own Device

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

The majority of students expect their institution to provide an app store to access university software. Cloudpaging allows administrators to deliver applications that can be used by students on their own unmanaged devices.
Local Performance

Local Performance, Cloud Speed

Unlike desktop virtualization (VDI), applications virtualized using Cloudpaging make use of local workstation resources and so run at the same speed as if they were fully installed on the end-user’s computer. This means you can deliver graphics-intensive software without needing expensive back-end infrastructure to support it.

Facts and Benefits of Using Cloudpaging for Higher Education

Universities deliver hundreds of applications to thousands of devices used by tens of thousands of users across a wide geography.
  • 200+ Higher Education Institutions with over 1,500,000 students use Cloudpaging today
  • 5 Cloudpaged applications are launched by a student every second
  • 75% of students expect to be able to access apps on their own device
  • 75% reduction in the number and size of system images by removing the applications from the equation
  • Over 50% reduction in application related Helpdesk tickets
Deliver applications easier while reducing significant IT burden.
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