Cloudpaging for VMware

Centralize application delivery across your distributed VMware Horizon environments.

Accelerate Application Delivery to VMware Horizon

While Microsoft has streamlined operating system migrations, many applications are not able to run in non-persistent environments. Cloudpaging can accelerate delivery of even the most complex legacy and custom applications to VMware Horizon by up to 100x.

Cloudpaging containers only require 10 percent of an application to launch. This enables end users can launch their applications in near real time without waiting for updates to the master pool image or installation on their devices.

How Cloudpaging Makes Your Life Easier

Horizon VDI administrators can remain focused on OS updates and CORE applications in your master pool images. Applications can be assigned based on project or business needs without being added to master Pool templates.

Key Capabilities

  1. Cloud application virtualization
  2. Dynamic application provisioning
  3. Network performance optimization
  4. Workflow automation and integration
  5. Secure data in-flight and at-rest (AES 256-bit
  6. encryption)
  7. Increased agility and scalability
  8. License monitoring and management
  9. Storage optimization

Common Use Cases

  1. Windows OS migration
  2. Legacy application deployment
  3. Hybrid cloud application delivery
  4. Metering application usage
  5. Remote and/or BYOD environments
  6. Self-service portals and application stores

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