Use Cases

Cloudpaging for Enterprise

Simplify IT operations and enable end users to get applications on-demand.

Leverage Cloud Application Virtualization for Maximum Application Compatibility

Cloudpaging for Enterprise transforms native software delivery, deployment, and provisioning by enabling you to package and deliver any Windows application across your preferred cloud, VDI, DaaS, and physical desktop environments.

Case Study

Discover how a leading enterprise healthcare solutions provider saved more than $9.3 million annually with Cloudpaging.

Easily Migrate to Windows 10 and Windows Server 2019

Cloudpaged applications can lift-and-shift to your preferred cloud, VDI, DaaS, or physical desktops, as well as to modern operating systems and server environments, without the need to repackage, reinstall, or reconfigure the application.

Cloudpaging tracks who uses applications, when they used it, how long they used it, and can enforce additional licensing requirements on top of native licensing features to ensure you are never out of compliance.

Cloudpaged applications execute natively on end user desktops and can fully utilize GPUs, printers, and other peripherals with no additional software or configuration required.

“Numecent’s Cloudpaging technology has provided our prospects with an improved user experience, enabling PTC to radically improve the success of the Creo trial program, leading to an increase in new customers.”

Jim Barret – Smith, Product Management Director, PTC

See Cloudpaging in Action!

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