Introducing the Cloudpaging Content Delivery Network

The Cloudpaging Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a cloud-based platform for the centralized management and distribution of Windows® software application versions, settings, and licenses to unlimited configurations of end-users. Built on its groundbreaking Cloudpaging technology, Numecent’s “Cloudpaging CDN” platform enables ISVs (Independent Software Vendors), MSP’s (Managed Service Providers), and Enterprises to securely deliver their inventory of applications from the Cloud in a frictionless manner without any changes to their source code.

Cloudpaging - Run Applications Offline

Rapid Delivery & Offline Compatibility

ISVs can rapidly deliver their Microsoft® Windows®-based applications from our CCDN platform almost instantly, without needing to install the application on client devices (VDI, Physical, BYOD). This workflow does not require any changes or access to source code and can be outsourced to certified professionals in Numecent’s growing partner ecosystem. Cloudpaged applications can even be run offline at the ISV’s discretion while under full license control.

Web-Based Integration

The platform offers Web-APIs for rapid integration with Web-services such as e-Commerce or CRM. The full set of API’s can be used to manage entitlements, control application provisioning, rollout upgrades, meter usage, and generate detailed statistics including centralized compliance and policy management. MSPs can directly integrate with their existing application store or DaaS systems for a seamless user experience. ISVs can convert software to a subscription model with zero source code changes.


CCDN is a multi-tenant platform hosted on AWS (Amazon® Web Services) and provides a global footprint with a fully integrated CDN (Content Delivery Network) as well as the capability to use any existing CDN. This secure and elastic cloud services platform is designed to help ISVs and MSPs scale and grow. CCDN can run only on AWS.

Cloudpaging - Save Money

Simplified Pricing Models

The platform is a subscription based system and uses an affordable ‘pay-per-use’ pricing model, metered and charged on a monthly basis.

Facts and Benefits of Using Cloudpaging CDN

Scalable Delivery of Native Windows Applications from a Robust Service Offering

  • Applications run natively, without being installed on the operating system.

  • Instant provisioning ensures applications are instantly available for users.

  • Supports users on any Windows device or remote desktop service

  • Lowers help desk and support incidents by providing application provisioning success.

  • Packaged application requires as little as 10% of the entire application to run.

Plus… All the Benefits of Cloudpaging for Enterprises