Finding just the right gifts for your friends and family during the holidays can be a real challenge. What do they need? What would they want? What don’t they have? As hard as it is for friends and family, at least you generally know a bit about them. Coworkers are definitely a greater challenge – getting something for someone you may only slightly know can be super difficult. Well, we at Numecent have the perfect gift for your IT friends at work – our Numecent Cloudpaging application delivery solution!

For IT guys worrying about delivering mission-critical applications to desktops, there are a number of challenges that really increase their workload and take away from fun time. The two biggest challenges are legacy applications and complex applications with lots of resource demands. Legacy apps are problematic because they were often written in-house for older versions of Microsoft Windows (think Windows 7 or older), and don’t function correctly (if at all) under Windows 10. Since Windows 7 will reach the end of life in about a month, this is a big problem. For programs with large resource demands (specific versions of Java, the .Net framework, or other similar resources), the problem is that these demands often conflict with the demands of other applications. In both cases, the result is often siloed application environments, which increase the overall IT workload significantly.

OK, “Numecent’s Cloudpaging application delivery solution” doesn’t sound very sexy, but don’t let the cover of the book fool you. With Cloudpaging, you can run any Windows legacy application on Windows 10, without impacting functionality or performance. Cloudpaging also lets the IT staff run resource-hungry applications without conflicts. Cloudpaging knocks down IT desktop silos, significantly reducing their workload! That means fewer hours at work, and more hours at home, and a happier IT staff. If you are still in need of some gift ideas after the holidays, come see us at the Citrix Summit 2020 in Orlando on January 13th and 14th; we will be in Booth 501. Have a great holiday, and see you in January!