Trialware and Demos for ISVs

Software ISV’s and Publishers want to expose applications to more users through trial and demo versions of applications. Getting users instant gratification to try an application and get good results can be a challenge. Large installer downloads and complex install processes can give an end customer a negative experience bfore they actually use any functionality from the application. A bigger challenge is abandoned or incomplete downloads and installs which greatly hurt converting a potential customer to a paying customer.

With Cloudpaging you can address these concerns by delivering to end customers trialware and demos instantly. End customers do not need to go through large downloads, a subset of the application, typically 10-30% of the application download size is delivered to the user allowing the application to work right away without any installation process. NO changes are needed to the application, the Cloudpaging Studio prepares the application to be streamlined and ready to use without any installation.

trialware and demos for isvs

A typical 45 minute download and 25 minute install can be replaced with a user able to evaluate an application in as little as a few minutes. Cloudpaging supports users on lower speed internet connections to ensure applications run well while for demos and trialware, while users on higher speed internet connections avoid any complex install process ensuring a greater level of satisfaction by instantly running an application.

Cloudpaging allows ISVs to distribute an application to licensed users and even add subscription delivery of applications to enter new market segments. End users can instantly use applications delivered with Cloudpaging without any complex or time consuming traditional installation. IT organizations supporting those end customers aren’t burdened with deployment issues with applications they may not be familiar with. Cloudpaging can be used to prepare and deliver applications, friction-free to users through the web-scale global delivery of Cloudpaging CDN. This reduces the burden of application delivery while ensuring users have the latest updates, instantly without any re-installation process.

Web API’s to integrate into any existing web processes to track users ensure fast delivery while allowing ISVs to track successful delivery of applications for follow up by sales team.

Counteract low conversion rates on application trials or demos by removing the complexity to deploy and install to end users. This is especially important for applications that are large in download size, use plug-ins (which add potential support issues) and are needed by users globally who may not have high speed connections deemed fit for large downloads.