Most workplace environments are based around corporate issued desktops and notebooks, however there benefits for supporting users own devices for work at home or higher education scenarios while still keeping centralized I.T. control.

Bring your own Desktop (BYOD) has been a difficult scenario for many organizations to support as either devices are brought into a corporate controlled environment or are isolated with a limited set of supported applications, many being sub-par browser based versions of applications.

supporting byod users

Cloudpaging for Enterprise allows centralized I.T. departments to deliver compartmentalized applications to BYOD devices while retaining full control of which users have access to those applications. The ability to revoke a user is designed into how Cloudpaging works, ensuring users removed from a BYOD environment can no longer run any applications that are provided by I.T.

The control of the users BYOD endpoint remains with that user, however applications delivered with Cloudpaging remain under centralized I.T. control. Applications can be assigned to existing Active Directory groups or users while not requiring the users BYOD endpoint to be part of a domain.