Numecent’s Cloudpaging Technology simplifies application delivery in higher education and technical education segments and provides a proven technology to enhance student outcomes. Concepts like Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) can be enabled while ensuring only users who need specific applications can access them. Licensing of Cloudpaging Windows Application Containers can be controlled so those who need applications for specific course work instantly have access to them. Self service portals that integrate into existing authentication schemes can allow students and faculty to provision their own applications. Typically organizations using Cloudpaging reduce image size by 70% and packaging time by over 50%.

Numecent’s Enterprise Cloudpaging product and Cloudpaging CDN are basic implementations that higher education institutions can use to deliver applications. Numecent’s partnership with Software2 delivers a fully education specific turn key platform along with assistance on packaging applications for delivery. Cloudpaging has enabled universities to deliver all Windows applications including a range of ‘difficult’ applications to students, including SPSS, MATLAB, ArcGIS, NVivo, Adobe and SAP.


Software2’s solution uses Numecent’s Cloudpaging as a core technology to deliver Application Virtualization, End-User Analytics, University App Store and User Virtualization helping education institutions deliver Cloudpaging in an expedited manner with features relevant to higher education. Support Hundred of apps, Thousands of devices and Tens of Thousands of users right away.

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