Application Delivery for Service Providers

Managed Service Providers and Cloud Service Partners delivering solutions for VDI (Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure) or DaaS (Desktop as a Service) needs ways for end customers or enterprise organizations to onboard applications for use by end users. Numecent Cloudpaging offers a fully enabled suite for application delivery either hosted using the Cloudpaging CDN or integrated as a service provider offering.

Applications can be developed into a turn key catalog for users of VDI or DaaS services leveraging any software licensing or subscription models you may already have today. This provides additional revenue streams for application delivery and associated services while providing an exceptional experience for end users and removal of deployment burden to customer IT organizations who may use such services.

application delivery for service providers


Numecent’s Cloudpaging solutions for Managed Service Providers and Cloud Service Partners are available today, please Contact Us to have a Numecent representative provide further information.