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application jukebox studio

We recommend before you read about Application Jukebox that you review Cloudpaging here.

The Application Jukebox Studio component allows you to 'Cloudify' any Microsoft Windows application into a form which can be delivered from the Jukebox server. When you cloudify an application with Studio, you choose whether you want to isolate the application completely (to minimize conflicts), to fully integrate the application so it can talk to any other app, including drivers, utilities, and plug-ins, or to configure some elements of the application to run isolated and others as integrated. Jukebox is the only application delivery solution that gives you this level of control.

The finished package—a cloudified "appset"—will include the minimum pages required to execute the application on the user's PC. These minimum pages will be demand-paged first, and the application will launch. This approach vastly accelerates the deployment of applications—your users will be up and running in about 5% of the time of traditional installation or download. You can choose to have the rest of the pages fetched on demand when the features are requested by the client, or have the whole application cloudpage so the user has offline access.