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Faktor11Faktor11 delivers secure, high performance virtual workspaces with a vivid end user experience and is one of the most progressive IT Solution and Cloud Service Providers spanning Canada and the United States. Faktor11 designs, installs and supports cloud, on-premise and hybrid solutions that improve productivity and operational efficiency while reducing overall business complexity. Each solution is heavily scrutinized and are committed to providing only products and services that meet the exacting standards of the marketplace. The Faktor11 team puts customer experience at the forefront of every interaction - it’s our problem until it’s no longer yours.

Faktor11 is an authorized Numecent Service Provider and Value Added Reseller.

InContinuum SoftwareInContinuum Software develops innovative end-to-end management technologies to enable organizations of all sizes in Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud computing environments to fully automate and control the design, configuration, delivery, use and management of cloud-based managed services. Our flagship product, CloudController®, is an award-winning cloud computing automation and control management application that converts virtual data centers into a platform from which to deliver fully-automated cloud-based managed services.

CCML is the CloudController® SaaS/PaaS module that makes it possible to order, configure and deploy any cloudified application either in stand-alone mode or together with IaaS ordered and managed by CCIS. Application Jukebox forms the core of CCML. InContinuum has built a ‘cloud shell’ around the market-leading functionality of Application Jukebox, further extending and enhancing Application Jukebox’s uniqueness in the cloud automation engine. CCML is a state-of-the-technology solution that employs Numecent’s innovative configurable virtualization and cloudpaging technology to deliver packaged applications, fixed content or data sets cloud-wide on-demand. Any CloudController® Supply Chain member can thus profit from cloudpaged deployment of an application, application stack, or platform to any IaaS device (VM or virtual desktop), or to physical servers on a trusted network in your cloud.


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Red Hat was founded in 1993 and is headquartered in Raleigh, NC. Today, with more than 60 offices around the world, Red Hat is the largest publicly traded technology company fully committed to open source. That commitment has paid off over time, for us and our customers, proving the value of open source software and establishing a viable business model built around the open source way. Red Hat offers Application Jukebox for Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization for Desktops as the method for cloudpaging.  Application Jukebox is the only Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization for Desktop application virtualization solution which is implemented on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, providing unparalleled scalability and management in a familiar environment that system administrators trust.


Software2 are the leading, authorized Application Jukebox distributor to the Education sector. With a focus on using the latest technology to “enhance the student experience” Software2 work closely with over 100 leading universities and colleges across 15 countries. Application Jukebox enables institutions to distribute software applications to students across campus (or indeed anywhere!), on demand.

Universities that have historically struggled to virtualize applications like SPSS, ArcGIS, MATLAB or other specialised STEM software, can benefit by being able to provide students with an improved technology experience. By using Application Jukebox in partnership with education specialists Software2, institutions have improved their ranking and are able to compete more effectively to recruit new students.