Independent Software Vendors

Subscription delivery of applications requires more than just an e-commerce front end, it requires assurance that end users can instantly use applications and IT organizations supporting those end users aren’t burdened with deployment issues. Cloudpaging can be used to prepare and deliver applications, friction-free to users through the web-scale global delivery of Cloudpaging CDN. This reduces the burden of application delivery while ensuring users have the latest updates, instantly.

Web API’s to integrate into existing e-commerce processes ensure fast on-boarding while providing quicker delivery of applications all while ensuring only current licensed/subscribed users have access to applications.

Counteract low conversion rates on application trials or demos by removing the complexity to deploy and install to end users. This is especially important for applications that are large in download size, use plug-ins (which add potential support issues) and are needed by users globally who may not have high speed connections deemed fit for large downloads.

Numecent’s Cloudpaging solutions for ISV’s are available today, please Contact Us to have a Numecent representative provide further information.

Key Benefits

  • Easy On Boarding: Cloudify your application and optionally prepare it for SaaS delivery without re-engineering
  • Near Instant Delivery: Between 20x and 100x faster than a linear download
  • Plug-ins and Suites – Separately Cloudify and SaaS deliver plug-ins or parts of a suite
  • Zero Installation of the Cloudified App: reducing conflicts and support issues
  • Web-APIs: rapid integration with web-services such as e-Commerce or CRM
  • License Virtualization: Cloud licensing which can overlay on existing licensing
  • Application Protection: Reduce piracy helping you increase your revenues
  • Friction-Free Trial or Beta Programs: better conversion rates to paid subscriptions
  • Transparent Updates and Patches: better user experience